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Introducing New G58 Multi-Function Handle

J.R. Merritt Controls continues to expand its line of joystick handles with the introduction of the G58 multi-function handle. The G58 provides optimal performance and comfort in a robust design that is ideal for applications requiring a high number of functions. The handle’s straight shape enables it to be used for either left-hand or right-hand operation.

Similar to the recently released G56, the G58 features a range of individually customizable device plates to help streamline the configuring and ordering process. This modular approach allows the handle to be populated with push buttons, thumbwheels, and mini joysticks. The rear side of the handle also has the option of an easy to operate trigger and an additional push button.

The G58 is compatible with our VNSO, XL-VNSOVNS2VCSOVCS2CS1CS3HDPRO-4 and PRO-6 joysticks. Download the G58 brochure now or contact us for more information.

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