JR Merritt

J.R. Merritt Introduces New Twist Handle

Even though the bulk of our staff are working remotely, our Engineering team continues to work diligently on product improvements and innovations. As the latest example, we are proud to announce the new TH30 twist handle. The new handle replaces the former TH25 model and offers a new, more robust and user friendly design.

The TH30 provides proportional +/- 75 degree twist operation and is initially available with a 5K or 10K potentiometer output with additional options to be made available in the future. New to the TH30 model is unique design that enables the potentiometer to be centered without having to disassemble the handle.

Compatible with our CS1CS3CS3 B/BPRO-4 and PRO-6 joysticks, the TH30 is ideal for any application requiring a reliable twist functionality in a relatively compact package. Combined with the CS3 joystick, the TH model handles are field proven in many marine and boating applications.

Download the TH30 brochure now or contact us for more information.

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