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VCS2 Joystick

The compact VCS2 multi-axis joystick sports versatility and reliability for a range of applications. The all plastic Zytel housing and specially treated rugged metal components make this device ideal for use in corrosive environments. Single and dual axis controls are also available, as well as twist handle functions.


• Rugged construction with standard and custom gates

• Small panel space requirement

• Up to 3 single pole double throw microswitch contacts and 1 potentiometer in each axis

• Corrosion resistant components

• 10 million plus operations

• Long life, compression type return spring system

Axis Options
  • • Single

  • • Dual

  • • Three

Output Options
  • • Microswitches

  • • Potentiometer

  • • PWM

Handle Travel Options
  • • Open Gate

  • • Cross Gate

Joystick Action
  • • Spring Return

  • • Maintained

  • • Friction Brake

Mounting Style
  • • Panel (From Below)

Compatible Handles


The VCS2 is ideal for use in corrosive environments and mobile equipment or vehicles. Typical applications include:

• Municipal snow removal equipment

• Refuse collecting vehicles

• Petro-chemical plants

• Food processing plants

• Construction machinery

• And more


General Data

# of Axis

Single, Dual or Three*

*Third axis is achieved via a twist handle function or thumbwheel.

Output Options

Microswitches, Potentiometer & PWM

Joystick Action

Spring Return, Friction Brake or Maintained

Handle Travel

+/- 37 degrees each axis


Open or Cross

Max # of Steps

Up to 3-0-3

Handle Compatibility

Standard Handles, Mechanical Interlock, FG-3, FG-4, FG-5, RH, RHS, BH, MG1, MG2, MG13, MG9 / MG25, MG27, G56


5 million cycles (spring return)
10 million cycles (friction brake)


Glass filled Zytel body, nickel chromium yoke (properties similar to stainless steel)

Est. Shipping Weight

3 lbs.

Est. Shipping Dimensions

8 in. x 8 in. x 8 in.

Mounting Data

Mounting Style

Panel (from below)

Mounting Footprint

2.84" x 2.84"
See literature for additional mounting specifications

Environmental Data

IP Rating


Operating Temperature

-13 to +158 degrees F [-25 to +70 degrees C]

Storage Temperature

-40 to +158 degrees F [-40 to +70 degrees C]

Electrical Data

Contact Specifications

Switch Type:
SPDT (Form C) SS Series Microswitches

Max. Number:
Up to 4 per axis with potentiometer
Up to 6 per axis without potentiometer

Current Rating (AC):

Voltage Rating (AC):

.110 x .20" quick disconnect

Max. Wire Size:
18 AWG

Additional Specifications

Reference product literature for additional specifications

Technical Drawings



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